The Center for Reading Research is a research group connected to the Department of Experimental Psychology (http://expsy NULL.ugent NULL.be) of Ghent University (http://www NULL.ugent NULL.be) , sponsored by an Odysseus Grant (http://www NULL.fwo NULL.be/Odysseusprogramma NULL.aspx) from the Government of Flanders (http://www NULL.vlaanderen NULL.be).

It is centered on three research topics:

  1. Word recognition
  2. Language dominance and reading
  3. Dyslexia in higher education

Members of the Research Group

Former Members

  • Qing Cai (https://shanghai NULL.nyu NULL.edu/research/brain/faculty/qing-cai)
  • Eline Liekens (http://www NULL.codelessius NULL.eu/team/items/45?node=602&from=node/602)
  • Joke Lauwers (https://be NULL.linkedin NULL.com/in/joke-lauwers-309b82a0)
  • Wim Tops (http://www NULL.rug NULL.nl/staff/w NULL.tops/)
  • Ark Verma (http://iitk NULL.ac NULL.in/new/ark-verma)

If you are interested in working with us, please contact Marc Brysbaert (marc NULL.brysbaert null@null ugent NULL.be). We particularly need experimental psychologists and computational linguists with good intelligence, research skills, and motivation!

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