SUBTLEX-CH is the best word frequency measure for Mandarin Chinese

A new megastudy has been published with lexical decision times to 2500 single character Chinese (Mandarin) words (Sze, Liow, & Yap, 2013). When the correlations with the various frequency measures were correlated, SUBTLEX-CH came out as the best. Further noteworthy was that the still frequently used Chinese word frequency measure based on the Dictionary of Modern Chinese frequency (1986) was by far the worst.

You find files with Chinese Mandarin word frequencies here and you can do online searches here.


Wei Ping Sze, Susan J. Rickard Liow, Melvin J. Yap (June 2013). The Chinese Lexicon Project: A repository of lexical decision behavioral responses for 2,500 Chinese characters. Behavior Research Methods.

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