Age-of-acquisition (AoA) norms for over 50 thousand English words It Forex How To Buy Penny Stocks On Sharebuilder Losyash Forex

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Here you find a demo on how to easily enter the AoA values into your stimulus Excel file.

Update April 24, 2012: We collected AoA norms of some 1000 more words (in 4 new batches). The new words include interesting words from the previous AoA rating studies that had been overlooked, a few other missing words (like heather), and words of which the plural has a different meaning (e.g., glasses, aliens, …). These new AoA norms have been included in the respective files making that the Kuperman et al. list now includes 31,124 entries .

If you spot a calculation error or if you find important words for which we do not have an AoA measure, please contact Marc Brysbaert!

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