How to add word frequencies, word norms, and lexical decision times to your Excel files?

You may have noticed that we make much of our information (SUBTLEX word frequencies, AoA norms, RTs from the Lexicon Projects, …) available as Excel files. We do this because we know many people work with such files.

Most of the time we simply open the Excel files and manually look up the information we need. This is nice as long as the number of items is limited. However, it becomes an (error-prone!) chore once the stimulus lists become large and we need information for many variables. In such case it is nice to know that you can do the work automatically by making use of the Excel VLOOKUP function.

To help you, we have included a number of screenshots of how to do this in a pdf file.

After the publication of this post, Ian Simpsom (University of Granada) contacted us with some more interesting examples of Excel functions to be used with text databases. You find them here.

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