Measures of word prevalence for 61,800 English words

At long last we found time to make the English word prevalence measures available.

Word prevalence indicates how many people know a word. Because percentage known has an uninteresting distribution, word prevalence is calculated on the basis of a probit transformation. The following are interesting landmarks:

  • negative prevalence values: words known by less than 50% of the people; only of interest for word learning studies
  • prevalence = 0.0 : 50% of the people know this word
  • prevalence = 1.0 : 84% know the word
  • prevalence = 1.5 : 93% know the word
  • prevalence = 2.0 : 98% know the word
  • prevalence = 2.5 : nearly everyone knows the word

In this article you find more information.

You find the word prevalence measure for English here.

If you want more information about the use of word prevalence, have a look at our findings in Dutch.