List of lexical databases

List of  lexical databases (non-exhaustive)

Focused on frequency and lexical characteristics

Celex (Dutch, English, German; frequencies, phonology, orthography, morphology)



Source files:*****

BNC (British English; frequencies)


Lexique (French; frequencies, phonology, morphology, reaction times)



Subtlex-US (American English; subtitle frequencies)

Subtlex-NL (Dutch; subtitle frequencies, parts of speech)

Subtlex-CH (Chinese; Subtitle frequencies, parts of speech)

Subtlex-GR (Greek; Subtitle frequencies)

Subtlex-DE (German; Subtitle frequencies)

Subtlex-ESP (Spanish; Subtitle frequencies)

Subtlex-PL (Polish; Subtitle frequencies, parts of speech)

SUBTLEX-UK (British English; Subtitle frequencies, parts of speech)

SUBTLEX-PT-BR (Brazilian Portuguese; Subtitle frequencies)

SUBTLEX-PT (Portuguese; Subtitle frequencies)

Google Books Ngrams (n-gram frequencies)

DLexDB (German, lexical statistics)

Malay Lexicon project (Malaysian, lexical statistics)

Wordnet (American English; Semantics)

MRC Psycholinguistic Database (English; Frequency, Imageability, Phonology, Age of Acquisition, ...)

Irvine Phonotactic Online Dictionary (English; Phonology)

Focused on chronometric variables

English Lexicon project (English; Frequencies, Lexical Decision and Naming Reaction Times)

Dutch Lexicon project (Dutch; Frequencies, POS and Lexical Decision Reaction Times)

British Lexicon project (British English; Frequencies, POS and Lexical Decision Reaction Times)

The International Picture Naming Project: norms for timed picture naming in seven different languages (American English, German, Mexican Spanish, Italian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, and the variant of Mandarin Chinese spoken in Taiwan)

BALDEY : auditory lexical decision experiment with 5,541 Dutch content words

Chinese Lexicon project (Chinese; character statistics; Lexical Decision Reaction Times)

Semantic Priming Project (speeded naming and lexical decision data for 1,661 target words, preceded by semantically related and unrelated primes)

Form Priming Project: lexical decision data on 420 target words, each of which was presented in 27 different priming conditions

Focused on subjective ratings

Age-of-acquisition (AoA) norms for over 50 thousand English words

Affective ratings for nearly 14 thousand English words

Concreteness ratings for 40 thousand English lemmas

AoA norms and Concreteness norms for 30,000 Dutch words

Norms of Valence, Arousal, Dominance, and AoA for 4300 Dutch words

See also the supplemental archive of Behavior Research Methods

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