SUBTLEX-PL is a database of Polish word frequencies based on 101 million words from film and television subtitles. It was introduced in this paper and should be cited as:

Mandera, P., Keuleers, E., Wodniecka, Z., & Brysbaert, M. (2014). SUBTLEX-PL: Subtitle-based word frequency estimates for Polish. Behavior Research Methods.

Some information in Polish can be found here.

You can download the frequencies in several formats:

  • word frequencies – all words : CSV, R
  • word frequencies – observed in minimum 3 subtitle files: Excel, CSV, R
  • information about lemmas : CSV, R
  • information about word bigrams : CSV

Here you can find some information about how to get frequencies for your stimuli using Excel.

If you have any question about these frequencies you can contact Paweł Mandera.

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