Frequently Asked Questions

I just want a few pseudowords for my stimuli. Do I really need to download and install Wuggy? Can’t you just give me some?

Downloading and installing Wuggy is painless and you’ll have pseudowords within a few minutes.

    Ok, but what kind of pseudowords can I expect from Wuggy?

    The list below shows Wuggy’s output using default settings for some English words with an increasing number of syllables. For each word, we show the first 5 generated pseudowords.

    Word Pseudoword
    car cas
    car cag
    car har
    car rar
    car dar
    park paze
    park paft
    park palt
    park parn
    park paff
    border bowper
    border bowmer
    border curder
    border besder
    border berber
    patrol pagril
    patrol pabril
    patrol pachil
    patrol pablyl
    patrol paplil
    assistant assissite
    assistant astontant
    assistant astortant
    assistant attostant
    assistant attustant
    professor proforror
    professor proforlor
    professor profindor
    professor profarror
    professor profarlor
    helicopter tosicolter
    helicopter tosicotter
    helicopter bolicyrter
    helicopter bolicytter
    helicopter bolicylter
    transportation trathmollation
    transportation trathnollation
    transportation trathtollation
    transportation tranctollation
    transportation traugmollation
    matrimonial sorbiconial
    matrimonial sorbilonial
    matrimonial sorbimotial
    matrimonial sorsiconial
    matrimonial sorsilonial
    congratulations concrubonations
    congratulations concruborations
    congratulations concrulonations
    congratulations concrulorations
    congratulations concruponations

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