Publications in press

  • Brysbaert, M., Mandera, P., McCormick, S.F., & Keuleers, E. (in press). Word prevalence norms for 62,000 English lemmas. Behavior Research Methods. info

  • De Deyne, S., Navarro, D.J., Perfors, A., Brysbaert, M., & Storms, G. (in press). The “Small World of Words” English word association norms for over 12,000 cue words. Behavior Research Methods. pdf

  • De Wilde, V., Brysbaert, M., & Eyckmans, J. (in press). Learning English through out-of-school exposure. Which levels of language proficiency are attained and which types of input are important? Bilingualism: Language & Cognition. pdf

  • Dirix, N., Brysbaert, M., & Duyck, W. (in press). How well do word recognition measures correlate? Effects of language context and repeated presentations. Behavior Research Methods. pdf

  • Hausmann, M., Brysbaert, M. Van der Haegen, L., Lewald, J., Specht, K, Hirnstein, M., Willemin, J., Barton, J., Buchilly, D., Chmetz, F., Roch, M., Brederoo, S., Dael, N., & Mohr, C. (in press). Language lateralisation measured across linguistic and national boundaries. Cortex.

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