Publications in press

  • Brysbaert, M. (in press). Numbers and language: What’s new in the past 25 years? In A. Henik & W. Fias (Eds.), Heterogeneity of Function in Numerical Cognition. Amsterdam: Elsevier. pdf

  • Duñabeitia, J.A., Crepaldi, D., Meyer, A.S., New, B., Pliatsikas, C., Smolka, E., & Brysbaert, M. (in press). MultiPic: A standardized set of 750 drawings with norms for six European languages.Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology. info

  • Elgort, I., Brysbaert, M., Stevens, M., & Van Assche, E. (in press). Contextual word learning during reading in a second language: An eye-movement study. Studies in Second Language Acquisition. pdf

  • Elgort, I., Candry, S., Eyckmans, J., Boutorwick, T.J., & Brysbaert, M. (in press). Contextual word learning with form-focused and meaning-focused elaboration. Applied Linguistics. pdf

  • Vander Beken, H. & Brysbaert, M. (in press). Studying texts in a second language: The importance of test type. Bilingualism: Language & Cognition. pdf

  • Vander Beken, H., Woumans, E., & Brysbaert, M. (in press). Studying texts in a second language: No disadvantage in long term recognition memory. Bilingualism: Language & Cognition. pdf

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